Produce Training Programs & Services

We offer an array of very produce successful training programs, as well as the ability to create a highly customized produce training program to meet your unique needs.  Our training programs take the form of in-person sessions, video and CDROM applications, and are typically accompanied by highly interactive exercises designed to help the trainees related the training to the real world within which they work.  We also encourage you to call us or email us to receive a free proposal for a customized training program for your organization

We train everyone that is involved in the growing, shipping, purchasing, handling and sales of fresh produce within the wholesale, retail and foodservice markets.  Our training programs are attended by everyone from warehouse receivers to Executive Vice Presidents.  We train grower shipper personnel and even work with individual growers to help them better understand various markets and distribtution.

Our lead produce trainer, is Ronnie De La Cruz.  Ronnie is internationally recognized as one of the leading trainers and speakers within the Fresh Produce industry.  As the key trainer for the United States Produce Marketing Association (PMA), he developed and still directs the popular Fresh Produce Academy.  Fresh Produce Academy is a series of two-day training programs for Foodservice Distributors and Operators that is attended by an international audience.   

Our produce training hallmark is the development of highly interactive training programs that are based on the transference of “real-world know how” which in the case of retail produce departments is aimed at helping your staff do a better in merchandising and selling fresh produce to the consumer, or in the case of foodservice, increase their effectiveness in the receiving, handling, prepping and serving of fresh produce.  All aimed at helping you and your customers increase fresh produce sales and profits!

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