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International Consulting


Mr. De La Cruz is well known internationally through his talks at various conventions and foodshows and his direct with international clients.  Ronnie is well experienced in produce production, distribution and sales internationally.  We’ve worked with clients throughout Europe, the far east, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Central America.  Our work ranges from guiding companies as they reposition themselves to be more competition within the European Union, to dealing with production issues & marketing opportunities in China.  Ronnie has also assisted international terminal and wholesale markets reposition themselves to be more competitive in tomorrow’s market place.  Ronnie has worked with various Ministries of Agriculture in providing training to help their growers standardize pack quality, increase their sales professionalism and effectiveness, and ultimately develop more competitive positions in the international market place.  Additionally, if you are looking for international formal JV opportunities, or informal international relationships, we can help you bridge that gap! 

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