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De La Cruz Strategic Global Consulting & Training

De La Cruz Consulting are produce industry experts who will help you stay ahead of the curve for the produce and packaged goods Industry.


Are you looking for ways to increase the profitability of your fresh produce program, or to further differentiate yourself from your competitors?  Is it time to graduate your business up to the next level of opportunity or to penetrate a new market segment?  Are your most valuable resource, your employees, trained and motivated as well as necessary to meet the rapidly changing communication and service needs of today’s market place?  De La Cruz Consulting offers in excess of 25 years experience in the area of fresh produce consulting and training across all segments of the industry from grower/shippers & processors, through retailers, foodservice distributors and commercial and non-commercial restaurant/operators.  We also conduct trade and consumer focus groups that allow clients to better understand current and future market needs and purchasing patterns related to fresh produce. 


We Are Produce Industry Experts

Our client base is everyone from large national companies, to very small family owned companies in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Central & South America.  Ronnie holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from San Jose State University in California and is regarded internationally as one of the leading consultants and trainers within the fresh produce arena. 

Within this website you will find a wide range of services along with an easy link to request a quote.  However, sometimes the best way to explore your needs, and the potential fit of us working together, is to simply pick up the phone and call.   831-229-3970.